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Letters and Sounds aims to build children’s speaking and listening skills,  phonological awareness and oral blending and segmenting, to prepare them for learning to read and write.

The activities are intended to be used as part of a broad and rich language curriculum that has speaking and listening at its centre, links language with physical and practical experiences, and provides an environment rich in print and abundant in opportunities to engage with books.

Download Letters and Sounds:Phase 3

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  1. Gemma woodward on February 4, 2013
    Could we get these help books through the post at all rather then downloading them please n are they free
    • 4Children Early Years Team on February 5, 2013
      Hi Gemma, unfortunately we don't have these resources in hard copy, so if we did send them to you they would be exactly the same as if you printed them off. Sorry about that. They are free though, so feel free to use as you would like.