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Believing in children cover This guidance invites all practitioners to reflect on the quality of their provision for children of Black African and Black Caribbean heritage or any mixed Black background. Set within the themes and principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), this publication is one of a set of Early Years Foundation Stage materials giving additional guidance on inclusion. By challenging attitudes and asking sometimes difficult questions we aim to encourage practitioners to give due regard to the specific backgrounds and circumstances of all their children, thereby improving the quality of their experiences.

Download Building Futures, Believing in Children: A focus on provision for black children in the EYFS.

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  1. Mrs Johnson on September 29, 2012
    I am a childminder of six. I came across this whilst looking through the EYFS section. I can identify with this as I had some challenging experiences as a child. I did most of my growing up in a white area. I did not see many children who looked like me. Society then did not really show anything positive about the black race. I saw blonde hair and blue eyes. As a adult I am very positive about who I am as a black person. Being a christian helps me to see how beautiful and special I am as a black women. I have a mutlicutural setting. I make all the kids feel welcome.