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Supporting boys achievements cover Data from the Foundation Stage Profile, 2004–2006, suggests that boys are achieving less well than girls across all areas of learning and that more girls are working securely within the early-learning goals than boys. These early gender differences in achievement reflect a pattern that can continue into Key Stage 4.

Using the four principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as a framework, the booklet provides examples of effective practice, encouraging practitioners to reflect on the quality of their provision, ask questions and find solutions. The booklet draws on the experience and expertise of early years’ practitioners who are currently actively engaged in exploring what works best for boys.

Download Confident, Capable and Creative: supporting boys’ achievements.

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  1. matthew williams on March 29, 2012
    Is it possible to get hard copies of the documents on this website including the new EYFS publication? If so could you please advise me how to order these?
    • Hi Matthew, I’m afraid the Department for Education have made the decision not to make any hard copies available. It may be worth considering printing a version off for yourself, or going in with some other settings in your area to print off batch together. Apologies for not being more helpful.
  2. It is disappointing that hard copies are not available. I like many people find reading information off the computer hard going. We need these 'tools of the trade' to be readily available. All registered settings should have copies sent to them periodically in order to keep up to date. Many people will not be able to print copies. This will lead to people not having the information and this will affect standards. Cost should not be a consideration when we are educating and caring for children.
    • Valerie Wrangles on August 6, 2012
      I totally agree - I would much rather recieve a copy of this publication rather than the reams of change for life booklets and money off vouchers which are unused and end up in the recycling. We need useful resources to inform our practice not gimicks that are either not used or short lived
    • Elaine Coote on February 28, 2013
      I tend to read everything I can to continue to be informed. As a childminder sometimes a child may arrive and you need to brush up with a particular publication.I find it really hard not having the hard copies and it is so expensive as some of our childminders may only be caring for 3 children and so earning very little. These children are just as important but have to download the same as a nursery which may be taking monies in for say 100 children.It is very hard for childminders at the moment and I have been doing this job for 30 years.
  3. Catherine kitching on June 29, 2012
    Very well said!.
  4. Chris Matthewman on October 3, 2012
    I can't download this - it says the file is damaged. Any ideas how we can access this information as no hard copy is available?
  5. Ricky on October 9, 2012
    I cant agree more. If the government really want to bring in changes and new publications constantly to try and drive up standards, they should send all the new publications/documents etc to every provider. Even an e-mail with docs attached would suffice for me allthough I think It is unfair to expect everyone to have access to the internet and to be honest we are all so busy running around trying to impliment the changes that we dont have time to sit in front of a computer as well. As a father and owner of a childcare business it would be great to spend some time with my own children after work rather than worrying that I might have missed something!