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Our website will shortly be hosting online forums and discussion groups focused on the revised core purpose of children’s centres, which is currently out for consultation from the Department for Education.

As you may know, the stated “clear core purpose” of children’s centres is to focus on improving outcomes for young children and their families, in particular the most disadvantaged, and as a result to reduce inequalities in child development and school readiness. In order to do this, children’s centres are expected to improve parenting aspirations, self-esteem and parenting skills, along with child and family health and life chances. You can read more about the core purpose by visiting the Department for Education website and searching “children’s centre core purpose”.

As part of our consultation role, we are looking to hear your comments on the core purpose of Sure Start Centres, on issues including:

  • Is the core purpose wide-ranging enough?
  • Have you got any other suggestions of how to take forward the children’s centre agenda?
  • Does the core purpose cover all of the bases or would you add something else in?
  • If you don’t work in a children’s centre, how are you engaging/will you engage with your local children’s centre?

Visit our website forum when it launches at the end of the month!

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