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Sarah Teather, Minister of State for Children and Families, announced in October a Parenting Classes Trial for mothers and fathers of children 0-5 in three local areas: Middlesbrough, the London Borough of Camden and High Peak in Derbyshire. The aim of the trial is to stimulate a market in universal parenting classes by encouraging parents of children aged 0-5 to take up universal parenting classes offered by a range of providers.

The Department for Education is running two separate procurement exercises: one for providers of the parenting classes which has already been launched and a second for local support and voucher services for the trial. For any queries on the procurement processes please email the Department directly.

The Department are also holding a procurement warm up event on Thursday 8 December for the local support and voucher provider services role. If you have not received an invite to this event and would like to attend please send the Department an email.

Information on the procurement exercises and the warm up event can be found here.

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