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Grobrain, the Neuroscience newsletter, have recently devised a resource designed to promote good perinatal mental health in families across the UK, called Preparing for Parenthood.


Preparing for Parenthood is a new resource consisting of a Facilitator Manual, a set of laminated A3 pictures to raise discussion, some unusual visual aids and a PowerPoint presentation. Suitably trained facilitators can run it as a one-day course. Alternatively you can deliver shorter sessions lasting less than an hour. It’s up to you how you use it.

The PowerPoint version is very easy to deliver, with lots of pictures and animations to help parents engage. Each section includes activities for the parents to observe or try themselves, e.g. how to do ’baby talk’. The aims of Preparing for Parenthood are:

  • To encourage a healthier pregnancy
  • To promote attachment and healthy brain development through a positive parent/
    infant relationship
  • To increase motivation to smile at, talk to and play with babies
  • To increase sensitivity to babies’ cues, and not leave babies to ‘cry it out’
  • To raise awareness of risks relating to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • To discuss the emotional impact of parenting on both fathers and mothers

They are looking for experienced practitioners to trial this new course and develop the evidence base.

For more information please contact Stuart Mitchell, Operations Director, at [email protected]

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