Can I order a hard copy of the new framework online?

No printed copies of the framework will be made available to order from the Department for Education or the Foundation Years website. However, a number of other organisations, including Early Education and the National Day Nurseries Association, are making copies available online for a small fee. You can visit their websites to find out more.

I’ve been having some trouble accessing the EYFS via the Foundation Years website, when will the problem with the site be resolved?

We’re very sorry that there were some problems accessing the site in the first few days after the EYFS was launched – around 75,000 people accessed the new framework over the course of a week, which caused us some server problems.

Fortunately, all the issues with the site have now been resolved, and you should be able to access all the EYFS guidance without any trouble.


Will profile points continue to exist in the new framework alongside the reports on whether children are meeting, exceeding or emerging at the expected levels for playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically?

The new EYFS Profile will expect teachers to make a judgment as to whether a child is meeting, exceeding or emerging in relation to the Early Learning Goals (ELGs). There will no longer be profile points scores.

In additional to these judgments against the ELGs teachers will need to make an assessment against the 3 characteristics of effective learning. So, in total there will be the 17 ELG judgments on the basis of meeting, exceeding or emerging levels and a written statement setting out how well a child is developing against the 3 characteristics of effective learning.

Further guidance on this matter will become available over the summer.

When will the Birth to Three matters guidance be made available electronically?

The Birth to Three matters guidance will be available from the Foundation Years website before the end of April.

Is there a tool to monitor EYFS assessments as yet? If so, where can I get further information on them?

There are no national tools at present. We can see that there is an appetite for such a tool and that colleagues are concerned about the removal of Progress Matters, so we are feeding that information back into the Department for Education.


I have noticed that Progress Matters is not available to download alongside the revised EYFS, is it still part of Government policy?

See answer above.

Are there any training materials available to help upskill staff in the delivery of the revised EYFS?

You may find parts of the Foundation Years Powerpoint presentation helpful – which can be accessed here.

If a child does not attend a setting or access provision until they are 3 years old will there still be a requirement for the progress check to be completed for them? And if so, who would be responsible for this?

The requirement to complete a 24-36 month report only falls upon settings when children are being supported between the ages of 2 and 3. If a child does not access a setting until after their third birthday, there will be no requirement for a progress check to take place.

However, there is an additional progress check, called the Healthy Child Programme Review – carried out by health visitors when children are between 2 and 2 ½, which will happen whether a child is being supported by a setting or not. Parents may wish to share the outcome of the Healthy Child Programme Review with any settings their children access.