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Early Education has printed copies of Development Matters to support the implementation of the EYFS statutory framework 2012

Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage is new non-statutory guidance to support the implementation of the EYFS and is available for free download from Early Education’s website, or the Foundation Years website. Alternatively printed copies are available at cost, for £5.75 per copy. This includes all postage and packing. Please order from our website.


Quality Wheel on the Foundations Site

The foundation years site now has the quality wheel on the website. The wheel has previously been hosted on the Department for Education website but the Foundation years site is now the only place it can be found.


New Daycare Trust Resources

The Daycare Trust has released new online volunteering resources aimed at childcare and early years providers. The resources guide providers through different approaches to involving parents and developing structure volunteer programmes. There are case studies as examples of good practice and suggestions of resource to use, with examples and links to further resources.


TACTYC Conference

The Association for the Professional Development of Early Year Educators is hosting a conference entitled Developing Early Years Practice: Reflecting on developments in practice and research, with speakers including Professor Cathy Nutbrown, Dr Kathy Goouch and Dr Sacha Powell. This conference will explore research, practice and policy developments in the vital area of professional education and raises important questions about how to ensure we have a workforce that is effectively qualified and continually learning. The conference will be held on Saturday 10th November in Birmingham.


Action for Prisoners Families Seminar

Action for Prisoners Families is hosting a conference entitled Women Prisoners and Offenders – somebody’s mother, daughter, sister, partner with speakers including Jackie Russell, Women’s Breakout, Katherine Albertson and James Ward, Durham University. With the number of women prisoners currently standing at around 4,000, and the number of women received into custody over the course of a year around 9,000 this seminar will consider the importance of community provision for women offenders, how women offenders and their families can receive the support they need and how imprisonment impacts on mothers and babies amongst many other topics.


NCB, C4EO free one-day tailored training events for local authorities

As part of NCB and C4EO’s DfE-funded* Early Years Peer to Peer Support programme, local authorities and organisations delivering services for young children can now apply for a range of free tailored training days. These one-day events can be taken up separately from, or in addition to, a possible tailored package of further support. Courses on offer include: Parents, Early Years and Learning (PEAL), Listening as a Way of Life: an introduction, Embedding listening within the early years, Listening to young children using the Mosaic approach, and Developing mentoring practice. For more information on any of the courses above, or to find out how to take up this offer, please email  [email protected] or call 0207 843 6064


New factsheets from NDNA to support nurseries and parents

National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) has launched a suite of factsheets in partnership with DfE, to help support members with management of their setting and offering children the highest quality care. The factsheets currently available are listed below and can be found at



  • Supporting schemas in your setting
  • Managing change
  • Leadership & management
  • Child-initiated planning


NDNA have also launched a factsheet for parents ‘Everyday activities to encourage the development of children 0-2’ which can be found at


New resource from Early Education:  Understanding the revised Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Education has published a new resource to support all early childhood education practitioners to implement the revised Early Years Foundation Stage. Written by Early Education Associates Helen Moylett and Nancy Stewart, this new resource will help you

  • Find your way around the new opportunities, requirements and expectations of the revised EYFS
  • Consider how the characteristics of learning support effective practice
  • Understand the seven areas of learning and the changes to assessment
  • Implement the summary of learning and development for all two year olds


Copies of the resource can be purchased online via the Early Education website – – cost £15.00 including p&p. The full 2012 EYFS statutory framework is included as an appendix to the resource.


London Childcare Providers Forum and Survey Results

On Thursday 24th May Daycare Trust’s annual London Childcare Providers Forum took place. Event saw a cross-section of London providers come together to share ideas and identify key issues, and also hear from Sarah Teather, MP and Minister of State for Children and Families. The London childcare project is funded by London Councils, and coordinated by Daycare Trust.

At the event, the results of the annual London Childcare Providers survey were launched.

  • 44 per cent of respondents said that the ability of parents to pay for childcare was the issue putting the biggest financial strain on their services, ahead of staff costs, rising rents and free entitlement funding. 
  • Four of the top five policy proposals that they backed in tackling London’s childcare crisis require the Mayor to take action. Providers called on the Mayor to lobby for a reversal of the recent tax credit cut (46%); promote family friendly practice and childcare vouchers (36%); include early years in his education enquiry (31%); and promote a ‘know your rights campaign’ on childcare (26%).
  • Local authority cuts are hitting childcare providers hard – they reported reduced funding from their local authority (68%), reduced training available (65%), reduced general support (55%) and reduced services offered by children’s centres (45%).
  • The free entitlement for three and four  year olds and Early Years Professional Status were both strongly viewed as having had a positive impact, with only 16 per cent and 2 per cent of respondents respectively reporting they had had a negative impact.

More information on the results of the survey are available here.


Daycare Trust National Childcare Week: 2-9 July 2012

Daycare Trust’s National Childcare Week, now in its 15th year, will take place from 2– 9 July 2012. The week aims to promote the importance of childcare, extended schools, and early years provision for children which helps to strengthen children’s play and learning to provide a good foundation for their future. For information on organising your own event or getting involved with the various events and activities planned for the week, email

[email protected] or visit our website.


Daycare Trust Parent Champions – New video launched

Parent Champions for Childcare are parents who have positive experience of using childcare and/or supporting their child’s early learning who act as advocates and peer advisers in their community to other parents.


Daycare Trust developed this model to reach parents who are missing out on information about childcare and early learning services because they do not know where to find information and are not engaged with local services or networks. Daycare Trust has just launched a new video, where Parent Champions explain more about the project in their own words. You can view the video here. You can find more information on the Parent Champions project here.


Practical advice on feeding the under 3s

The Infant & Toddler Forum (ITF) – a group of leading experts in nutrition and development in the under threes – provides free, easy-to-follow advice on good toddler nutrition and eating behaviour.


The ITF’s online area for families – Little People’s Plates – is your one-stop-shop for helpful, practical advice on toddler feeding.


Visit Little People’s Plates to find simple tips and useful resources to help you make healthier choices for your little ones, including:

  • Guidance & Tips: expert advice to help you understand your toddler’s developmental and nutritional needs.
  • Ten Steps for Healthy Toddlers: a guide on what food to offer, what behaviour to encourage, and how best to manage mealtimes.
  • Tot It Up: an easy-to-use, interactive food and activity calculator, providing a personalised analysis of your toddler’s diet.
  • Portion Sizes for Toddlers: a guide for giving toddlers a well-balanced diet with a combination of foods and drinks from the five food groups.

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  1. Nina Swann on June 1, 2012
    Hi, the link to the Development Matters printed copies purchase page appears to be broken and I can't find it on your publications page. Can you direct me to where I can purchase a hard copy please?
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    I have been getting 404 error every time I tried to access the link to the developmental matters printed copy page. Is another link to the site ?
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    • Stephanie on October 16, 2012
      Snap! This is very frustrating!! We cant impliment new regulations if we dont have the material!
  4. Angela on October 30, 2012
    Hi, I've been searching Every Child Matters to see if its still relevant or if I should get rid of all posters, cant find it anywhere connected to the revised EYFS, please tell me if its still connected?? I'm sure it is but the lack of mention is a bit confusing. I am a childminder and dont have as much contact with other early years workers as I'd like! Many thanks