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In October last year, 4Children published “Suffering in Silence” a report which highlighted the thousands of mothers who experienced postnatal depression across the UK, and the services (or lack thereof) that are available to them to provide support and treatment, and to keep their lives and families together.

Since last year 4Children have been working closely with the Department of Health, and experts from across the sector, to improve the services that mothers experiencing postnatal depression receive. As part of this work, NHS Choices has recently released a number of videos aimed at parents and families, including one on postnatal depression (embed video). View the full range of videos, which provide an excellent range of support and advice for those with children, or those expecting them.

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  1. Becky on September 18, 2012
    I welcome any improvement to help the many women who truly do suffer. I experienced pnd 5 years ago with my first child and again this year with my second. The second time around has been the most terrifying,lonely and utterly despairing time in my life. My gp has been great but my H.V has been useless. When I approached her,which took me ages to build up the confidence,to ask her of any pnd groups local to me,she replied there weren't any but had I considered a computer course!!!!! To say I felt pathetic is an understatement and I walked away in tears. There has to be a serious review of what is available for us who just want help. Many areas I researched do have support groups,surely every area should have them. It shouldn't come down to whether you have a group in your area as to whether you can come out of this dark dark tunnel. I am 7 months in on anti depressants and have had counselling. I do have better days now but I still would love to find a support network where others would know how I feel.
    • sadia chaudhry on December 3, 2012
      there are postnatal depression targeted groups run by most of the children's centres across the boroughs.
  2. Claire on December 3, 2012
    I have suffered with postnatal depression with my second son and my health visitor has been a great help recommending a local service in Cumbria called first steps. Although it has taken a few months to get things going I am very grateful for the help and support offered to me, I hate to think of where I might be had it not been offered. The idea of bringing postnatal depression to the forefront of women's minds and showing them what support is available and encouraging women to talk about it in antenatal classes, i.e symptoms, solutions etc. is I believe a sound one.