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Birth data is shared using the ‘first visit form that health visitors complete at the first baby review.  On this form the parents give consent to share the birth date, name and address with local children’s centres.  The Child Health department enters the data on the appropriate system and each month an encrypted list is sent to the data lead in the local authority, who then sends this out to all the appropriate children’s centres.  The children’s centres then send a ‘welcome’ card with details of all the Centre’s activities to families.  Children’s centres have agreed not to visit families unless a referral for services has been made – or the parents get back to the children’s centres and register for services.  As a double check, midwives and health visitors ask parents to register at children’s centres.  The Trust also informs the children’s centres about the total number of babies that have been born each month so that they can gauge the numbers families not registering in their reach area.

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