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4Children call on Ofsted to inspect whole 8-6 school day, including after school clubs, and ensure high quality peace of mind for parents

Commenting on the publication of the Department for Education’s proposals on the future regulation of childcare yesterday, Anne Longfield, CEO 4Children said:

“After school clubs are crucial to children’s development and vital in helping parents to work.  We are therefore pleased that Government wants to increase the availability of places and we want to see more schools running after school provision.  The Minister has set out a vision of redefined schools with a longer school day as standard and with after school clubs as part of the new day.

“As with all provision for children safeguards are needed.  Whatever the part of the school day, the number one priority must be to ensure that children get the highest possible quality of activity, support and supervision. 4Children is therefore calling on Ofsted to take on a wider-role of school inspections across the whole school day, including after school clubs and other non-teaching activities to ensure the highest quality provision across the whole school.

“The industry standard ratios for children between 5-8 is one member of staff for every eight children, and for over 8s is one for every ten. We would expect schools to want to maintain quality to these existing and well-established industry standards, and would expect Ofsted to  inspect on that basis.

“Schools must rise to the challenge to employ high quality staff who can care, support and provide specialist skills for activities  to the industry standards, and Ofsted needs to begin work on a single quality framework for schools and after school childcare which will ensure high quality for all children from 8.00 to 6.00.”

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