Congratulations, you are going to have a baby!

Pregnancy is a time of big changes, excitement, anticipation and probably some anxiety for both parents. It can seem overwhelming because you will have big decisions to make, and want to have as much information as possible and know how to get expert help when you need it.

Mum: Whether your pregnancy is planned or not, there is no preparing you for how this feels and nothing could be more natural than not knowing what to do. Whatever your initial concerns, there is support out there that will give you practical advice, and encourage you to listen to and trust your instincts. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may want advice as to how a baby might fit in with your life, but the first person you should see is a doctor or midwife you are comfortable with.

Your happiness is important for the health of your baby so be honest with yourself and talk about your feelings to someone you can trust. Prepare to get a lot of information, so make sure that what you follow comes from a reliable source and remember it’s your pregnancy, so you are in control. Don’t be afraid to see things from a new perspective, it just takes a little getting used to.

Dad: Finding out that you’re going to be a dad can be exciting but also daunting. The best way to manage these feelings and not feel left out is to understand what your child’s mum-to-be is going through by accompanying her to appointments, helping and playing an integral part in the process. Think together about how your new baby might affect your lives and how your relationship and your lifestyle choices may affect your baby.

For women who are pregnant and single, it is worth seeking out Gingerbread’s email advice package.

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