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The Deputy Prime Minister, and the Minister for Childcare and Education have announced the publication of the Government response to the consultation on the early years pupil premium. The response is available at EYPP-consultation response

Over 90% of respondents to the consultation agreed that children from low income families, children in care, or children adopted from care should be eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium.

The Early Years Pupil Premium will be available from April 2015 and will provide nurseries, schools and other providers of government funded early education with an extra 53p per child per hour for each eligible child. That is an additional £300 per year for each eligible child that takes up the full 570 hours with them. This extra funding will improve the quality of provision which evidence shows can have a major impact on their school readiness.

There was also overwhelming support from respondents for the proposal to disseminate good practice. Therefore the Department of Education has asked 4Children to launch a call for evidence on the Early Years Pupil Premium – to gather together the most innovative ideas on how to use the funding to close the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers. Please send in all your submissions to [email protected]

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