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The Department for Education and Department of Health have published the findings of a study led by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) into the pilot phase of the Integrated Review which can be accessed here.

In addition the National Children’s Bureau has developed a toolkit to provide support to local early years and health teams to design and implement the Integrated Review at age 2.

Implementation study: Integrated Review at 2 years

The toolkit for local authorities is based on findings from a research study.

During 2013, the Department for Education (DfE) and Department of Health (DH) worked with five early implementer local authorities and other partners to develop and pilot options to bring together the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Progress Check at age two with the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) 2-2½ year health and development review into an integrated process.

A research study was commissioned by the DfE in conjunction with DH to examine the implementation and perceived effectiveness of the approaches taken by the pilot local authority areas. It was led by the NCB Research Centre in collaboration with ICF GHK, and with advisory input from early years experts at the NCB Early Childhood Unit, UCL Institute of Child Health and the Institute of Health Visiting.

A full report is now available to download.

A resource pack for local authorities interested in implementing an Integrated Review

Building on the research, NCB has developed a toolkit for any local authorities and health teams who may be interested in implementing an Integrated Review. It contains a set of slides outlining key considerations for local areas when developing and implementing an Integrated Review as well as additional supporting resources, including case study examples of approaches and materials, such as: forms, practitioner briefing materials, letters, parental engagement strategies and other resources used by pilot areas from the implementation study.

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