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Ofsted video on teaching phonics

Mark Lindfield, Senior HMI, talks in this short video about what to consider when teaching phonics in early years.


Ofsted statistics on childcare providers and inspections

Ofsted has published statistics on registered childcare providers and places, and inspection outcomes in the childcare sector as at 31 December 2015.


Ofsted brings early years inspections in-house

Ofsted will directly manage early years inspections and regulatory work from April 2017. Currently, early years inspections are carried out by Tribal and Prospects on behalf of Ofsted. Bringing early years inspection under direct management means that Ofsted will have full control over the selection, training and management of inspectors, and complete oversight of the quality of inspection. This will bring early years inspections in line with schools and further education and skills, with Ofsted directly managing all inspections.

Gill Jones, Ofsted Early Education Deputy Director has written a blog explaining the move to bring early years inspections in house.


New childcare support page on GOV.UK

A new web page has been launched on GOV.UK which brings together all the current childcare provision in one place – This will help parents and carers understand how these childcare offers will support them in their working lives.

Please do refer to this new web page on your channels when supporting and advising parents and carers to identify the best package of support.


2016 Child Health Profiles

Public Health England has published the 2016 Child Health Profiles. The profiles draw together information to present a picture of child health and wellbeing in each local area in a user-friendly format. They are a valuable tool for local government and health services in helping them to understand their communities’ needs, so that they can work to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people and reduce health inequalities.


Become an Early Years Teacher

Become an early years teacher and have a lasting positive impact on the lives of young children from birth to five. Visit here and register your interest today.


Children’s centres consultation to launch in summer

A consultation on the future of children’s centres will now launch in the summer. The consultation had been due to launch in autumn 2015, but speaking in the House of Lords, government education minister Lord Nash confirmed that it will be linked to the development of the government’s Life Chances Strategy.


Childcare and early years survey of parents: 2014 to 2015

The DfE has published information from its survey of parents with children aged 0 to 14, covering parents’ use of childcare and early years provision, and their views and experiences, including:

  • what childcare is used by different types of families
  • changes in take-up over the years
  • parents’ reasons for using or not using childcare and for choosing particular providers
  • parents’ views on the providers they used and on childcare provision in their local area in general
  • the influence of childcare arrangements on mothers’ decisions about whether to go out to work


Report evaluating the impacts of Tax-Free Childcare and the Free Early Education Entitlement

Frontier Economics has prepared a report for the DfE looking at the potential impact of Tax Free Childcare and the extension of the free places to 30 hours in England on parental work and the childcare market. The report shows that these policies have the potential to create incentives to raise employment rates and average weekly working hours for parents. At the same time these policies have the potential to create some uncertainties in the childcare market. They could raise the number of places and quality of the care offered by childcare providers, but also impact on pricing structures and on the offer of places to children not eligible for the free entitlement.

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