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Are You a Childminder?

The Department of Education are conducting some interesting research in collaboration with TNS BMRB about the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) and are looking to talk to childminders who may be receiving the funding.

Would you be interested in taking part? If you are interested please contact Martha Reilly on 0207 656 5398.


DfE Consultation: Changes to disqualification arrangements

The DfE  plans to revise arrangements for those disqualified from working with children because they live with a disqualified person. The arrangements apply to people working in:

  • schools
  • non-domestic registered settings (for example, private, voluntary and independent nurseries)

The DfE is not proposing to make changes to the arrangements where childcare is provided on domestic premises.

The consultation closes on 1st July, 2016.


Employing Staff from Overseas – Checking DBS

Ofsted have confirmed that if an applicant has lived abroad recently then a certificate of good conduct should be requested from the relevant embassy. They are aware that getting this certificate from some embassies proves difficult and on occasions impossible. (Hence should and not must)

Where this is the case, the contact centre advisor will advise on what the options are.

An applicant would not automatically be barred from applying if they failed to get a certificate of good conduct from an embassy.


Wraparound and holiday childcare

The DfE has published the outcome of the consultation on wraparound and holiday childcare. It includes a summary of responses received and the government’s response outlining the next steps.

The DfE has also published guidance to help schools understand how to respond to requests from parents and childcare providers about wraparound and holiday childcare.


Cutting Red Tape Review

The Government’s Cutting Red Tape review is seeking evidence from early years childcare providers and others in the sector to understand examples of red tape that are unnecessarily holding back childcare providers as businesses.

We are interested in evidence of burdens that appear to act as a barrier to new entrants to the sector, which prevent existing providers expanding their business, unnecessarily divert providers from spending the majority of their time caring for children, or contribute to existing providers leaving the sector.

More than 250 people and providers have already given their views so far and the team is keen to hear from you. Please share comments and suggestions via or [email protected]by the end of May.


Health Matters: Giving Every Child the Best Start in Life

Public Health England (PHE) wants to increase the proportion of children ready to learn at 2 and ready for school at 5. This resource for health professionals and local authorities focuses on investing in early years services from pregnancy through to 2 years old.

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