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During September 2016, we ran our free Learn Explore Debate events which we run as the  Department for Education’s Early Years and Childcare’s strategic partner. The LED events covered the 30 hours entitlement, early years funding consultation, early years workforce strategy, and Ofsted updates. The presentations from these events can be accessed here.

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  1. Sharon Bushnell on September 21, 2016
    My colleague and I attended the LED event this month in London. Attendees were informed that questions and responses from the event would be published, or sent to attendees of the London Event subsequently. I recall there was a question about the base rate of the National Single Funding Formula that was not able to be addressed at the event in particular. We are still waiting for the Q&A please.
    • 4Children Early Years Team Author on September 23, 2016
      Hi Sharon We are in the process of compiling a FAQ document on the Funding Formula which will be published online next week. We will let you know when this is available.
      • Sharon Bushnell on September 28, 2016
        Many thanks for your response. I will look out for the LED Q & A. Regards Sharon