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The DfE is seeking views on the knowledge, skills and qualifications in maths and English that level 3 early years educators need. This consultation is an opportunity to better understand what knowledge, skills and appropriate qualifications in mathematics and English are required to perform an effective level 3 role.

It also seeks to consider what literacy and numeracy qualification requirements can put level 3 staff in the best position to progress in their careers.

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  1. deb latewood on November 10, 2016
    we feel at our setting that functional skills have always been appropriate as there is more guidance from trainers and less pressure, the recruiting of students is becoming more difficult and the guidance on when passing their qualification but not being allowed in ratios is misleading and unfair.
  2. Ann Richards on November 11, 2016
    I believe all early years educators should have GCSE qualifications grade A-C as a minimum entry requirement. I feel that the EPPE research project provided evidence that the best early education facilities were those headed by a highley qualified person with qualified staff of at least level 3 in Early Years. .