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The Department for Education has published two pieces of statutory safeguarding guidance which set the framework within which all practitioners should operate in order to protect children
from abuse and neglect and promote their best interests.

These are:
• revised Working Together to Safeguard Children statutory guidance; and
Local Safeguarding – Transitional Arrangements statutory guidance.

This is an important piece of guidance for agencies, organisations and practitioners to know what they must do individually and collectively to safeguard children. It sets out how they should work together in fulfilling this responsibility, including taking a child-centred and co-ordinated approach to safeguarding. At the same time, these documents support practitioners to exercise their expertise and judgment on how best to protect children and young people, and promote their welfare.

The opportunity has also been taken to make other minor changes to clarify processes or to reflect recent changes to policy, for example through the insertion of guidance on contextual safeguarding which includes protecting children from threats such as criminal and sexual exploitation.

Find all of the updated guidance here.

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