The DfE has published its sixth and final publication on experimental statistics on the use of 30 hours free childcare, running from April to July 2019.

It found that:

  • In the summer term 2019, 378,774 children were in a 30 hours place.
  • This represents 90% of codes issued. 94% of codes issued were validated by a provider. Both of these figures are broadly in line with previous terms.
  • The number of children in a 30 hours place in summer 2019 has increased by 11% in comparison with summer 2018.
  • It is estimated that across year one and two there were 600,000 children a 30 hours place at some point in time.


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Please note that this will be the final publication in the series. Future statistics on usage of 30 hours will be released annually via the Under 5s National Statistics, in line with DfE’s other two early years entitlements.