A number of small amendments were made to the revised Development Matters on 29 July. Please note that these are minor changes and if you have already printed the version that was uploaded on 23 July, there is no need to re-print the document.

The changes made on 29 July include:

  • A typo correction on page 19
  • Formatting incorrect line breaks on pages 26, 33, 41 and 78
  • Removal of duplicated text on page 54.

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Revised Development Matters

The Department for Education (DfE) recently published a revised version of Development Matters to reflect feedback received from the early adopter schools that have adopted the EYFS reforms over the 2020/21 academic year. No major changes have been made to the curriculum guidance from the early adopter version of Development Matters and any planning you may have done based on that version does not need to be altered.

The changes from the early adopter version include:

  • Updated links, making minor tweaks to wording for clarification purposes
  • Updates to the Introduction and Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning sections to ensure the wording is aligned with the aims of the reforms and reflects the most recent research and evidence
  • Ensuring the document is accessible, inclusive, and easier to navigate. This includes a new design, layout and colour coding.

If you have any questions on the revised Development Matters, please send them to foundationyears@ncb.org.uk.