HMRC recently asked Hempsall’s to help them take another look at Tax-Free Childcare (TFC). They hosted two webinars – one for early years and childcare providers and one for councils and people in roles that bring them into contact with families. These were held in March and you can now watch the one for early years and childcare providers here and view the slides here.

Hempsall’s approach has been to look at how we can best make the current system work.  They understood that the best way to do that was to think about improving information, helping to raise awareness, and knowing who to signpost or refer to, and how.

Information doesn’t always reach eligible families, and sometimes when it does it isn’t always understood.  Myths and misunderstandings can occur.  And because every family is different, it’s important to ensure the messaging meets their needs. Information about TFC needs to be on your website and childcare bills.

The application process for parents is quick and straight forward, as it is for provider registration, if you have all the information and IT to hand.  Early years providers and practitioners should be talking about it more – word of mouth makes a huge difference – so it’s important that staff what TFC is and how beneficial it is. Knowing what support is available, families feeling the likelihood they will be eligible, and getting advice and support can make all the difference.

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