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Established roles are changing as reforms to the health system and the school system begin to take effect. These changes sit alongside an international economic situation which is having a profound effect on families.

You already know that families are in positions where paying for childcare may be becoming unaffordable and are looking at alternative arrangements such as family members.

In order to respond to these changes, local authorities need to move towards a more strategic commissioning role and work with a variety of local providers – including private, voluntary and independent – to secure high quality foundation years services which are sustainable. Good business planning and management skills are essential to ensure your provision is in a healthy financial position. Conducting regular audits will help you to be aware of what’s working well and areas that need more attention.

Visit the Business Sustainability section on our website for early years and childcare providers. This will help you to think about where you are at the moment and provide you with some initial ideas for areas of the business plan that you might want to think about.

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The following organisations offer business management support and audits.