two year oldsAchieving 2 Year Olds (A2YO) is the Government’s delivery team supporting the roll out of 2 year old places.

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Communicating the 2 year old offer to parents

The Communicating with Parents toolkit is intended to help local authorities and the early years workforce communicate directly with all parents eligible for the two year old offer (A2YO), including those hardest to reach.

Designed to be as practical as possible, the toolkit is flexible enough for you to pick up and start using straight away.

This set of resources aim to help you:

  • Develop and deliver a low-cost campaign to attract parents’ attention
  • Use community, commercial and council resources to spread the word as widely as possible
  • Take advantage of all the tools at your disposal to make the two year old offer a success.

What does it provide?

  • Template posters, leaflets and postcards that can be printed off in the office
  • Eligibility flowchart – give to your key partners to use with parents
  • Draft press release
  • Examples of best practice being undertaken by other local authorities
  • Suite of tested key messages
  • Stakeholder engagement plan

If you are a local authority or part of the early years workforce, please click the links below to view and download the free toolkit and promotional material templates:

Communicating with Parents toolkit and resources

Practical support for local authorities and the early years workforce – communicating the two year old offer to parents

  1. Section 1: Introduction
  2. Section 2: Key messages and branding
  3. Section 3: Getting the messages out
  4. Section 4: Case Studies
  5. Bristol
  6. Kirklees
  7. Lambeth
  8. Leeds
  9. Northumberland
  10. Peterborough
  11. Section 5: Key contacts and further resources
  12. Literature review

Toolkit resources

Promotional materials

Add your Council’s contact details to the designed posters, postcards and leaflets for parents:

Use these designed templates for Powerpoint and Word:

For technical support when editing the above materials refer to the User Guide:

For additional images to use in your A2YO materials, please email 4Children


Free e-learning modules to support funded 2 year olds

Bolton LA have developed some e-learning modules in partnership working with A2YO to support new start up and existing businesses to create sustainable places for funded 2 year olds.

They are available to all providers at no cost.