As fragile as they may be, it is perfectly normal for babies to get ill from time to time and this is usually a common ailment that can be treated simply with the appropriate care or medication. As a result, don’t panic but do a little research into the more common conditions using the links below or call your GP or NHS Direct.


Remember for any urgent queries that involve the health of you or your baby contact your GP, NHS Direct, NHS Walk-in Centre or nearest A&E department as soon as possible.

Vaccinations can protect your child from potentially serious infections and work by injecting a very diluted version of the disease so that the body can build up its own antibodies to protect itself in the future.

Breastmilk also contains antibodies and babies who are breastfed will have passive immunity against gastro-intestinal and some respiratory illnesses.

The Department of Health offers all babies and children in the UK a schedule of routine immunisations, which will explained in your ‘red book’. The first immunisation is when they are two months old because their immunity will have already begun to decrease.

Some parents decide not to immunise their children for various reasons but it is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is important to look into the risks and benefits of vaccinations and talk to your GP so that you can make an informed decision.