Sometimes mums and dads need extra help to prepare for parenthood and extra support is available.

If parenting is a complete mystery and you are afraid of doing the wrong thing, don’t be embarrassed. There are professionals who can help you through this period of change in your life, and lots of informal networks where you can link up with other parents and share experiences.

For young parents, Family Nurse Partnerships is an NHS programme that provides young first-time parents with ongoing support consisting of visits from a highly trained nurse that address relationships, psychological preparation, adopting healthier lifestyles, providing good care, and planning their futures; while Gingerbread’s fact sheets offer a range of advice for single parents.

Below are links to other sources of support, such as friendship and practical help from HomeStart, expert support for families with a disabled child from Contact a Family, and in depth information about postnatal depression, as well as pages that explore some of these issues specifically from a dad’s point of view.

Family Lives offers a wealth of information on these and many other related topics and also have their own helpline. It is worth visiting the netmums website to link up with other parents in your local area.

If you have any areas of concern, feel like you won’t be able to cope or need any other special help, contact your midwife, health visiting team or GP.


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