As professionals working in the foundation years, we all do our bit by taking on the responsibility of partnership working with our colleagues in health, social care and early years services to support better outcomes for children and families.

For partnership working to be successful, professionals must be active in working alongside, sharing expertise and knowledge with colleagues. Partnership working is everyone’s responsibility – so all of us need to think about how we can initiate working together.

Crucial steps to successful integrated working are local systems that bring services together and the sharing of information. Effective information sharing promotes a common understanding of need, assessment and referral systems.

Information Sharing Matters: online education resource

Information Sharing Matters is a free online education programme designed for the early years workforce and healthcare professionals about information sharing in early years. It is designed to improve your knowledge, skills and understanding of the benefits of effectively sharing information in a professional context.

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Reflective questions:
  • How do you promote active information sharing?
  • Which colleagues do you working partnership with and how do you measure the impact of your partnership working?