The first day at school is always a big step but you can prepare your child by talking to them about it, explaining and showing them where the school is, what they will be doing and for how long. Listen to their concerns, tell them about some of the things they will enjoy and make sure they know you’ll be there to pick them up afterwards.

It may also be helpful to get to know other children who are starting the same school so they have a familiar face, and you can have some fun by letting your child choose some of the things they might need, such as bags, uniforms and stationery.

Every school has its own way of introducing children into reception. This might include welcome visits for you and your child, contact with your child’s nursery or childminder, invitations to summer events and practical information on such things as uniform, the organisation of the school day and lunch time arrangements. Ask your school how they welcome new children and families when you visit.


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