Should your child be born premature or with any kind of medical condition or problem it can be extremely distressing. However, you are not alone and there is a wealth of specialist services to help you get practical and emotional support.

Being told that your baby has to be taken to a neonatal unit can cause anxiety and confusion, particularly so soon after you have given birth. However, medical staff in the neonatal unit are experts in their field and will give your baby the best care possible. They should keep you informed of any medical procedures they are planning, changes to your baby’s condition, and be able to give you any information that you need.

It’s important to get as much support as you can. Speaking to someone calm and caring can help you cope with any worries you have, and the charity Bliss offers advice and support to families and friends of anyone with a baby who is in, or has been in, neonatal care.

Contact a Family and Scope are charities that can help you understand a disability or medical condition and how it may affect your child and your life as a family, as well as explain what resources are available to you.

Early Support is a national programme to support families of children with disabilities and young people. It aims to put you at the heart of any decision making about your child, without you having to repeat the same things to different professionals.

You can speak to your health visitor or your local authority Family Information Service about Early Support in your area.

You should also speak to your health visitor about additional support that your child might need and they will advise you on the assessment process for children with special educational needs and disabilities in your area.


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