Top Ten Number and Counting Books


Ellwand, D (2009) Ten in the Bed: a counting book, Handprint Books

This simple board book includes photos of real teddies as they fall out of bed, one at a time and can be enjoyed by the youngest child.


Fromental, J (2007) 365 Penguins, Harry N Abrams

This book is full of mathematical calculations as the poor family try to solve the problem of storing the penguins in their home.


Sayre, A (2004) One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab, Walker

A counting by feet book – with opportunities to look at and talk about people, dogs, spiders and insects and to see what the feet of ten crabs, or 100 snails look like.


Browne, E (2003) Handa’s Hen, Walker

Learn to count with Handa as she searches for Mondi, the black hen and meets 2 butterflies, 3 mice, 4 lizards, 5 sunbirds and more along the way.


Browne, A (2013) One Gorilla: a counting book, Walker

Beautiful illustrations of primates will give children opportunities to count gorillas, chimps, lemurs and much, much, more.


Fox, M (2011) Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, Walker

Each baby in this book has ten little fingers and ten little toes to play with – time to count babies, fingers and toes in this durable board book.


Carle, E (2010) Ten Little Rubber Ducks, Harper

All the little rubber ducks pop out of the rubber duck machine and get packed into boxes, 10 at a time. Follow their journey as they are swept overboard and float to every part of the world.


Stickland, P (2014) Ten Terrible Dinosaurs, Corgi

Children who love dinosaurs will love the characters in this book. Ten terrible dinosaurs standing in a line, soon began to mess about until there were nine!


Milbourne, A (2007) How Big is a Million?, Usbourne

Many children are fascinated by big numbers and this book helps them understand the concept. Like Pipkin, the smallest penguin, many children want to know ‘how big is a million?’, and here, they can found out.


Mitsumasa, A (1986) Anno’s Counting Book, Harper Collins

Children can journey through the year, starting with 1 child building 1 snowman in January, through to June, with 6 children playing and 6 adults working, right through to December.


Children love books about themselves, and one of the best counting books you can share will include one you have made with the photos of the children you work with – one on the first page, two on the second, and so on. You can be sure children will be interested and want to talk about themselves and their friends.

Remember, lots of classic picture story books are also great for counting – like Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Penguin Putman 1968)