Top Ten Professional Resources and Books


Gifford, S (2005) Teaching Mathematics 3-5: developing learning in the foundation stage, Open University Press


PACEY (2015) Mathematics in the Early Years – a handy guide to supporting the development of children’s mathematical skills, PACEY


Skinner, C and Stevens, J (2013) The Foundations of Mathematics: an active approach to numbers, shape and measures in the early years, Featherstone


Pound, L (2006) Supporting Mathematical Development in the Early Years, Open University Press


Tucker, K (2014) Mathematics through Play in the Early Years, Sage


Haylock, D and Cockburn, A (2013) Understanding Mathematics for Young Children


Montague-Smith, A and Price, A.J (2012) Mathematics in Early Years Education, Routledge


Bennett, E and Weidner, J (2011) Everyday Maths through Everyday Provision, Routledge


Taylor, T and Harris, A (2013) Learning and Teaching Mathematics 0-8, Sage


Rees, J (2016) Inspiring Ideas to Support Early Maths and Literacy: Stories, rhymes and everyday materials, Routledge


Many of the authors on this list have written many books and articles and you may want to search for more books by a contributor you find particularly useful and interesting.