You will be given a Personal Child Health Record (PCHR), often known as the ‘Red Book’, when your baby is born. This lists the types of services available, when immunisations and development and health checks are due, and is for recording information on your child’s health and development, all in one place. You can add information yourself about any illnesses, accidents or medicines your child takes, and there is a section to record their development before each review. Remember to take your child’s red book with you to all GP and health visitor appointments and nursery, or for any other, unscheduled medical consultation. A digital version is now available in some areas, which will store all the data securely and be accessible online.

Ask for help

Although there are various standard checks along the way, if you have any concerns or queries at any point contact your midwife, health visitor, GP to ask for help and advice when you need it. You are always welcome to pop into one of your local clinics, which may be held at your children’s centre, GP surgery or a community venue, to speak to somebody from the health visiting team.

Remember, for any urgent queries that involve the health of you or your baby contact your GP, NHS Direct, NHS Walk-in Centre or nearest A&E department as soon as possible.


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