Following on from the success of providers offering free early education for three and four year olds, the Government is rolling out an entitlement of 15 hours per week for lower income two year olds in England. Build up has already started, towards providing places for an estimated 130,000 children from September 2013 (about 20% of all two year olds nationally), doubling to around 260,000 children from September 2014 (about 40% of all two year olds nationally). Achieving Two Year Olds is funded by the Department for Education. From now until 2015 they aim to support childcare providers and local authorities to make early education for two-year-olds a great success. They talk with each local authority about what best will support you. As a result, they have funded a wide range of development work, consultancy and training to help you meet the challenge. A new checklist and sources of support for providers and childminders is now available. If you’ve a question or something to share, email us at