Free Offer of the Complete Guide on App to all Health Visitors, Early Years Professionals and Students

EPC COVER TO CUT“As soon as I sat down to watch, I was hooked….It’s better than a book because you can see what they are talking about, they show you how, instead of just telling you….Fabulous.” (NCT review)

The Essential Baby Care Guide is 8 hours of expert led content, all evidence based material, made by a team formerly from the BBC Science Department, and each narrated by Professor Robert Winston.

Courses & Experts include:

  • Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding (UNICEF UK BF Initiative)
  • Introducing Solids (Paediatric Dietitian and Member British Dietetic Association)
  • Everyday Care & Health (Midwife, HV, Consultant Paediatrician, RCPCH & Meningitis Research Foundation)
  • Crying, Colic and Massage (Paediatric Physiotherapist, Midwife)
  • Development (National Literacy Trust, RCPCH, Development Experts)
  • Sleeping (NHS Sleep Expert)
  • First Aid (St John Ambulance)
  • Safety (Child Accident Prevention Trust)

Each course follows Department of Health Guidelines.

The Essential Baby Care Guide is being used extensively by expectant and new parents, but also as teaching & revision for courses in the subjects listed above by Health Care professionals and Health Care Students.

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Please click here if you’re interested in taking us up on this offer. There is a simple download code involved.

If you want to look at the resources first, you can download 5 free clips for iPhones and iPadsandroid phones, and Kindle Fire.  You can also view clips on our website.

If you are a teacher, and interested in using the material for your courses, there would be a small licensing cost involved – but easily set up. The material can be supplied for group use either as DVDs and/or streaming the courses online.

If you would like to access the material on DVD – there is the added bonus of the material being full sub-titled in Urdu, Arabic and simple English. This can be really useful in a Children’s Centre/ group teaching setting.

The complete guide as a DVD set is £19.99 from Amazon – just search for the ‘Essential Baby Care Guide’. Please get in touch with us if you want to bulk order and have a discount. Our baby care videos are also available to watch instantly on your computer, tablet or phone as on-line courses.

Please email us at for more information on any of the offers above.