Secondary analysis of the Survey of Childcare and Early Years Providers 2018 (published 1st Nov 2018) by independent contractors on 30 hours published found:

  • Engagement with the policy: Among providers with children aged three or four, 90% of group-based providers, 67% of school nurseries and 77% of childminders were offering the 30 hours entitlement.
  • Flexibility throughout the year: Group-based providers and childminders were much more flexible in offering the extended hours throughout the year: 50% of group-based providers and 51% of childminders made a year-round offer. Only 8% of school nurseries did so, but it should be noted that most schools are not open all year round.
  • Flexibility during the day: childminders were most flexible (92% did not impose any restrictions on parents), group-based providers were less flexible (73% did not have restrictions) and school nurseries were most likely to restrict when the hours could be used (62% did not have restrictions).

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