Who is Foundation Years for?

  • Nursery practitioners
  • Childminders
  • Apprentices
  • Nursery managers
  • Local authority teams
  • Students of early years education
  • Teachers
  • People looking to enter the EY sector


Foundation Years* is a unique digital resource for all things early years. We are publicly funded by the Department for Education (DfE). We deliver regular, relevant, topical information and sector news to support you in your role as an early years professional.

Our policy updates come directly from the Department for Education and other government bodies such as Ofsted, so you always have the latest, most accurate information. We delve deeper into the Early Years Foundation Stage frameworks through blog posts, vodcasts, Q&As and answers to frequently asked questions.

The latest from your sector

Foundation Years also keeps you updated with evidence-informed best practice on child development and events, updates and case studies from leading charities, providers and early years experts. Recent contributors to our newsletter and Foundation Years: Live events include the Local Government Association (LGA), A Better Start, NDNA, LEYF, PACEY, Dingley’s Promise, Anna Freud centre, Speech and Language UK, plus more – making Foundation Years a one-stop-shop for all early years news.

Free to access

There are no membership fees and all Foundation Years Live events are free to attend. All Foundation Years resources and information are free, and the content we link to in our newsletter and on our X and Facebook is always free to access too.


At Foundation Years Live events you can hear directly from the DfE and sector experts throughout the year, up and down the country and online – but it’s not just about information – we are a community, and the events bring together peers and colleagues who share a passion for giving children the best start in life; giving you space and time to learn, share and reflect with others in your field. Attendees leave feeling inspired, connected and equipped with new knowledge to develop their practice. Anyone working in, or interested in, the early years is very welcome to attend, and there is always opportunity to ask questions and start conversations.

Join the Foundation Years community by subscribing now at www.foundationyears.org.uk.


*Foundation Years is currently delivered by Coram Family and Childcare and Coram Hempsall’s, on behalf of the Department for Education.