Actions for early years and childcare providers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

This guidance has been updated to include new content on:

  • the use and disposal of face coverings (section 3)
  • supervised toothbrushing programmes (section 3)
  • process for local lockdowns (section 3)
  • music, dance and drama (section 3)
  • maximising use of sites and ventilation within settings (section 3)
  • reopening of buildings (section 3)
  • journeys, such as pickups and drop offs (section 3)
  • attending more than one setting (section 3)
  • a child with symptoms attending a setting (section 3)
  • pregnant women (section 3)
  • visitors to settings, including new admissions and settling in (section 3)
  • use of outdoor private and public spaces (section 5)
  • informal childcare (section 5)
  • supporting children’s and staff wellbeing (section 6)
  • new SEND legislation (section 6)
  • EYFS disapplications ending on 25 September 2020 (section 7)
  • emergency first aid (section 7)
  • the Job Retention Bonus scheme (section 10)

The guidance also includes updated information on funding to align with other guidance, employer health and safety and equalities duties, children who are shielding or self-isolating, and safeguarding.