Health visitors and children’s centres can support you in your parenting as you develop a bond with your new baby.

Children’s centres offer a range of services for families, including parenting classes, toddler groups and more specialist services that encompass early education and childcare, social services, health services, training and employment services, and information and advice relating to young children and parents.

Health visitors work with GPs and children’s centres so that every parent is helped to feel confident in their new role and gets any help they need in the early days of parenting, such as: breastfeeding; sleep patterns; how you are feeling as a new parent; and the strain that your family relationship can come under.

Advice and support is also available from charities like the NCT, One Plus One and Homestart, which have articles about life with your baby or toddler, including feeding, sleeping, health and development, communication and baby care basics, as well as local activities and courses.

It is worth checking out your local Family Information Service, part of your local authority. They can tell you about services for new parents in your area.


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