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In March 2015, we launched the What to Expect, When? guide to help you as a parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the EYFS. We have now collected some case studies to see how early years settings have been using the guide to involve families in understanding their children’s progress and development.

What to Expect When Case Studies

Shield Road Primary School

As part of an identified Early Years’ team focus the school wanted to develop the parents understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They wanted to provide them with different ways that they could support their children’s learning at home and contribute to improving outcomes for all children.

King’s Oak Academy

The Academy wanted parents to understand that it was important for children to develop across all areas of the EYFS and that children will develop at different rates and in different ways. They also wanted to show parents that they had an important role in supporting their children’s learning and development at home in lots of different ways that would support all areas of the EYFS.

Frome Vale Academy

Parents appeared unsure of what the EYFS was made up of and how their contributions could be useful or relevant. The Academy used WTEW to increase parental involvement in their children’s learning and their contributions to the assessment process.

Jellytots Nursery

The nursery wanted to involve families, in particular families for whom English is an additional language, in their children’s learning at home and developing their knowledge of what “good learning” is in a practical way so they feel confident that they can contribute effectively.

Cullompton Preschool

The Pre-School wanted to support and involve families in understanding their children’s progress in all 7 areas of the EYFS. They were particularly interested in using the guide to support discussions with families where there were concerns about children’s development.

Lubavitch Children’s Centre

The Children’s Centre wanted to involve parents in contributing to their children’s learning from when they access extended services and daycare.

Middlesex University Campus Day Nursery

The nursery wanted to work in collaboration with parents and ensure that they were involved in their children’s learning at nursery through supporting them in contributing to the observation and assessment process.