Foundation Years is pleased to share a new vodcast offering some top tips for improving the Home Learning Environment for the early years.

In a changed format to previous Foundation Years vodcasts, Gill Holden, Early Childhood Programme Lead at the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), introduces a collection of insights and experiences from a host of early years practitioners from across the sector.

There is a wealth of research evidencing the benefits on children’s learning development and outcomes that comes from improving the home learning environment and family is clearly the most effective and economic system for fostering and sustaining the development of children.

It’s important to get the balance right between home and setting, so that children get the continuity they need to develop through their early years.

As well as giving expert practitioners a chance to share their insights, this vodcast also provides a link to, which has a wealth of further activities and ideas to explore and try out.

The Foundation Years vodcasts are designed to support early years staff in implementing good practice in delivering the reformed early years Foundation stage.