Childcare Works 30hours LED Events

Childcare Works has created a special programme of LED events for providers focusing on 30-hours. The events will be delivered in partnership with the Foundation Years Team at Action for Children.

The audience for these events is all types of early years and childcare providers including chains, children’s centres, schools, childminders and local authority officers working with providers, business support officers, and partner roles in other organisations.


  • Introduction and setting the scene
  • Childcare Works update
  • Partnership models
  • Parents’ point of view/experiences
  • Practice implications for children
  • Actions before 1 September
  • Evaluation and close

To book your place please follow the links:

8th March London (Morning)

8th March London (Afternoon)

21st March Birmingham (Morning)

21st March Birmingham (Afternoon)

22nd March Leeds (Morning)

22nd March Leeds (Afternoon)

23rd March Taunton

23rd March Manchester

27th March Newcastle


Childcare Works – Learn, Explore, Debate Events

Childcare Works has created a special programme of Learn, Explore, Debate (LED) events for providers, focusing on 30 hours. More information about the events will be added over the coming weeks, so sign up to the Foundation Years newsletter to keep up to date.

Funding rate for 30 hours Early Implementers

The Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed that it will be funding early implementers at their early implementer rate across the full 30 hours offer. This will mean childcare providers in these areas can start delivering the government’s landmark offer as quickly and effectively as possible.

As part of their preparations with early implementer areas, the DfE reviewed new baseline data on how much funding local authorities allocate to early years services. In light of this new and more accurate information, the DfE has increased the funding rate to reflect this new baseline.

The DfE hopes early implementer providers will be pleased with this additional funding and is looking forward to seeing the early implementer projects in action and hearing how the 5,000 children and their families are benefitting from the extended support.

30 hours Early Implementation areas announced

Childcare Minister Sam Gyimah has announced £13 million, which will allow 8 councils across the country to deliver 30 hours of free childcare for working parents of 3- and 4-year-olds – a year ahead of schedule.

Working parents in Wigan, Staffordshire, Swindon, Portsmouth, Northumberland, York, Newham and Hertfordshire will now benefit from the early offer from this September. Read the full announcement here

Childminders and the 30 hours entitlement

Sue Robb of 4Children met Julie Laughton and Alison Britton from the Department for Education to discuss the important role of childminders in delivering the 30 hours entitlement.

30 hours childcare entitlement presentation

The Department for Education and 4Children ran a number of early engagement events on the 30 hours childcare entitlement in September and October, 2015. The final presentation from these events can be found here.

Childcare Bill: Policy Statement updates

The Department for Education has published a few documents with updates on the 30 hours childcare entitlement. The Childcare Bill policy statement provides further details on the extended entitlement to free childcare for parents of children aged 3 and 4.

The analysis document shows the analysis of responses to the call for evidence on the review into the cost of providing childcare.

The terms of reference document outlines what the review into the cost of providing childcare will cover.

The 30 hours childcare entitlement – planning for success

The Department for Education and 4Children are holding a number of early engagement events on the 30 hours childcare entitlement.

The events will help childcare providers network and get to grips with some of the challenges and solutions in delivering the new 30 hours funded entitlement. As well as a presentation from the DfE updating on the latest news of the 30 hours there will be two workshops. Workshop 1 will look at what the 30 hours could look like from the perspective of the child. Participants will focus on what needs to be in place in terms of quality, flexibility, workforce and SEND. Workshop 2 will look at how providers can work together to deliver the 30 hours, e.g. What might working together look like and what needs to be in place to make this happen? Key points from these table discussions will be shared before the event closes.

The events are designed to:

  • explore what the 30 hours childcare offer might mean for children
  • understand how providers see the child’s experience
  • explore some high level solutions of the 30 hours for providers
  • gather approaches to delivery

Who should attend:

  • school heads
  • nursery owners
  • nursery leaders
  • nursery finance or business managers
  • child minder agencies
  • registered child minders
  • LA early years leads
  • Early years sector organisations

We anticipate great interest in these events so places are limited to 1 person per organisation. We kindly ask that your organisation books a maximum of 1 place and informs the events team as soon as possible should you not be able to attend. Please book your places online here:

London 14th September 2015

York 21st September 2015

Stafford 22nd September 2015

Solihull 25th September 2015

Bristol 7th October 2015

Newcastle 16th October 2015

30 Hours Childcare Early Implementers Announcement

Early Implementers for the 30 hours free childcare offer for 3 and 4 year olds can now register their interest with the DfE. While the free childcare expansion will be rolled out nationally in 2017, trials in some areas will begin in September 2016.

Organisations who would like to register their interest can do so by emailing DfE at by Monday 28th September.  All you have to do now is to email saying ‘I’d like to be an early implementer’ and they will email you details on how to apply shortly.

Parent survey on 30 hours free childcare

The Department for Education is running a survey this summer about the forthcoming 30 hours childcare offer for working parents. They want to hear the views and experiences of parents to help them to shape the offer. It should only take about 5 minutes to complete the survey – so please let the DfE know what you think by following this link.